Irrational Fear

I have a feeling this may be a recurring post theme on here. Let me kick them off by saying I have an irrational fear that when I become a mother I will no longer have time to put on makeup, and I will spend the next 4-6 years of my life only remotely resembling my former self – a once perfectly plucked, powdered, prissy girly girl who could spend hours gazing at and touching all the pretty products in the Mecca that is Sephora.

Along the same lines of that fear comes the second irrational fear. I will be one of THOSE moms who so clearly doesn’t have her shit together. I will be stumbling into business meetings or parent teacher conferences exactly two minutes late, and never a minute sooner. People will notice the spit up that is still crusted on the collar of my suit jacket because I never got around to taking it to the cleaners after the last time I thought it would be a good idea to hug the baby good bye before leaving the house, and that people will smell that smell on me….that smell of slimy graham crackers and baby drool. I don’t know what it is, but I have an aversion to graham crackers when mixed with babies.

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