Irrational Fear – Conehead babies

I just saw some of the most amazing pictures of the most beautiful newborn with a head so perfectly round she looked like a little perfectly sculpted doll. Of course, she was a C section baby. That’s the trade off for having the doctor rip open your abdomen to remove an 8 lb growth – you get a baby with a perfect, sweet head. I know nobody is supposed to wish for a C section, but part of me is really worried about what my baby will look like if I deliver naturally. I mean, you have to admit, we’ve all seen those newborns…and…well, you can just tell. Some you look at and it’s like, damn, she must have been trying to squeeze him out for days! It doesn’t make them any less lovable, and I’m told the head goes back to normal after a while, but I have just always had this irrational fear that I’m going to give birth to something that resembles a Conehead. Like they are just going to pop out of me and begin referring to me as their Parental Unit and demanding footlong subs.

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  1. I read lots of books when I was prego and I think it was in What to Expect When Your Expecting, but it said that most mothers think their newborns are ugly bc of that fact. They aren’t the pretty versions you see on the movies. I remember going to the OBGYN and they have bulletins of delivered babies and thinking oh thats an ugly one, oh there is another, sweat Lord but a hat on that child. Thankfully I had an emergency c-section and his head was perfectly chubby and round. 🙂 I will say though I was disappointed about having a c-section, I don’t even know what labor feels like or “giving” birth…feels like I cheated but made for great pics! 🙂

  2. I think it’s great that you have embraced having a child, but a post like this should probably make you double check that you actually want a baby and not an accessory. I find it sad that you are SO materialistic that your only thought at the time of posting of your unborn child is whether he ior she will look good enough to hang out with you. Shame on you.

  3. I hear you on this.

    My daughter had MAJOR conehead when she was born. She was so cute- as long as she had a hat on! Haha, It did go away quickly, but because the Doc used the vaccum to suck her out (I know I just spurred a whole ‘nother irrational fear in you with this) she had a cone head with a big bruise on it. poor thing.

    But all in all, I would rather the temporary cone head over needing to have a c section.

  4. Jen, I see your concern, but let me just ease your fears of me thinking of baby as accessory by saying that I know that this is an IRRATIONAL fear. I have no doubt in my mind that regardless what my child’s head looks like, conehead, flathead, two heads – whatever…I will love them more than anything in the world. I would be lying if I said that these crazy thought don’t pass through my brain’s atmosphere at times though. Part of the reason I am blogging all these crazy ideas is because I have no doubt my life and many of my views will be completely changed by a baby. It will be nice to look back and laugh at my ridiculousness. I appreciate your feedback.

  5. Also, I will add that this is not my only thought of my unborn child…I also think about how much I hope they have blue eyes to match the perfect blue stroller and crib bedding I’ve picked out for them…KIDDING!

    In all honesty, I think about a lot of things. Usually it’s the thoughts of how my husband will be so perfect as a dad, how my parents are going to love being grandparents, and how in love I will be with something that resembles a very cute tiny old person from the minute they enter my world that chase away those irrational fears.

  6. I think your irrational fears are very common and very normal. Especially the eyes matching the stoller…a must! You know what you might want to do? Write down what you think your baby will look like. The thoughts that we had were almost all wrong. I just knew my son would have blue eyes from me or green from his dads and they came out brown from my mom! He actually looks more like my mom than me 🙂

  7. I feel your pain…I completely thought the same thing. Alas, after two hours of pushing with each of them, and the vacuum for both of them, their heads were actually pretty round. Guess they’re hard headed like their mama!

  8. Of course sometimes their heads don’t go back down or their heads are misshaped because of how they were positioned in the body and they have to get a DOC band which looks like a helmet and wear it for weeks!!!
    Fun times.
    Irrational fears are totally okay though and if you can’t share them on a blog…where can you share them?

  9. Neither of mine had coneheads, and both were vaginal deliveries. The second one was a vacuum extraction and had this hideous and painful bruised lump on her head, but she was the most beutiful thing I’d ever seen. And the best part is that DH and I each have our matching little clones – one who is blonde and looks exactly like him, and one who’s a brunette and looks just like me (except for her eyes – mine are grey and hers are brown). We have a cute little pair of accessories when we go out, and as far as matching the stroller, we have a Maclaren Four Seasons with seasonal changeable seat covers. The spring one matches the little one’s baby blue eyes very nicely.

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