Game On!

Last month was our first “official” month of trying to conceive. I spent a lot of time telling my husband and myself that it would be ridiculous if we got pregnant the first time around. I know that the chances of a healthy couple conceiving when timing is perfect is still only 1 in 4. I insisted that we just “have fun” with it, and that I wasn’t going to resort to any drastic measures.

Well, flash forward to a few days before the ideal window for peeing on a stick – I began doing just what I promised myself I wouldn’t. I was over-analyzing every little twinge and pain, and broke down and took a test every day for 6 days until I finally started my period again. I wasn’t terribly upset. I mean, it WAS our first month, and I had spent so much time convincing myself that it wasn’t going to happen. However, my Type A, slightly…well,very competitive and goal driven personality started to get a little irked. We definitely had the timing right….for about 14 days in a row. So just what exactly went wrong? I felt like Aunt Flo had challenged me to a duel…and I was going to KICK HER ASS the next time around!

I knew I couldn’t do it by just having fun though. No, I needed a strategy. I needed to be smarter than AF. After listening to the advice of many pregnant and pregnant to be Nesties (, I charged into the Women’s Health section of Barnes & Noble and picked up a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I immediately went home and read up on all sorts of things I never even had a desire to know about my body. I can tell you that the word “mucus” now has a whole new meaning beyond a runny nose and chest congestion. My next stop in my assault on AF was the pharmacy where I bought a special Basal Body Temperature thermometer. I was prepared for battle, and began charting the next morning. There are several other…um…techniques that I’ve embraced in this war, but I’ll spare you the details. Let’s just say, I’ve resorted to drastic measures, and it’s only the second cycle. I’ve become the fertility sniper! That AF bitch is never going to know what hit her.

So here I am…in my second official Two Week Wait, which, for those of you not up on the trying to conceive lingo, is the two weeks in between ovulation and your next expected period or the first day you can test. Of course, I’m trying to convince myself that I won’t go down the slippery slope of peeing on too many sticks too early like last month, but I can’t make any promises. As much as I am Type A and competitive, I am even more impatient!

Hopefully I can keep myself busy the next couple weeks by ogling all the ridiculously expensive baby strollers and diaper bags that are all the rage right now. If I get started now, I may be able to come up with enough reasons to justify purchasing the funky, futuristic Quinny Buzz…my new obsession.

Quinny Buzz

50 Things to Do Before You Deliver: The First Time Moms Pregnancy Guide
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  2. Laura Thacker Major on

    Oh my goodness! I can SO relate to what yall are going through! I went through it too (as many women have, just so you know you are not crazy or alone) and it was not as much fun as it should had been! Lol
    I wanted a boy first, so I added more junk on my plate just by trying to be specific!! Gees! I had bought a book called , ” Choosing the Sex of Your Child!” Or something along those lines…it’s been 21 years since the birth of my first!! ( which was indeed a boy! But not because of the book)
    I read about all the crazy things women AND men had done all through the years , trying to convince a Son first! It was an interesting read for sure and Oh So Crazy too! But we were just as crazy and followed “most” of the books advice FOR 6 MONTHS!! Yup! 6 Months!
    It wasn’t until I had gone to a Christian Women’s Conference to see Joyce Meyer and she said that she had on her heart that there were women in the audience wanting to conceive. She wanted us to stand up so she could pray for us! Well we did! Lots of us!
    I responded and I swear to this day that that is what broke the barrier! Because as she was praying I got “sick” to my stomach, but I had a long history of stomach issues so I didn’t really give it a second thought!
    Now, if it was her praying for us or the fact that we ditched the book and just went at it likes bunnies who knows! I believe it was both , myself! Because I wasn’t “Stressing” about trying to convince afterwards! And low and behold I found out we were expecting a baby a few weeks later!! Woooweee!
    So, my advice to you is get all that stressing out of your mind and all that junk in your bathroom AND try to enjoy each other for just the fact that you are both madly in love!!
    Grace and Peace!!
    Forgive any oops I’ve type, I’m using my phone to write and well it’s a tiny space to write in!! Giggle!

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