Jill Krause | Dallas, TX | Married, 36

Kendall, 9yo Boy
Leyna, 6yo Girl
Lowell, 4yo Boy
Wallace, Infant Boy


70,400 Facebook Page Likes
1 million+ reach/month
350,000+ engagements/month
600+ avg engagements/post
300k FB video views/month

2,900 Newsletter Subscribers
2,400 App Subscribers
3,800 RSS Subscribers

8,000+ Pinterest Followers
18,000 engagements/month

22,000+ Instagram Followers
2,000 average IG Story views/post

110,000+ Monthly Pageviews
70,000+ Monthly Uniques

(Updated March 2018)


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Recognized by: Vogue, Time, Buzzfeed, The Bump
2016 Iris Awards Personal Blog Of The Year

  • Before ➡️ After ❤️ (I’m so in love with his sad face.) #wallacepout
  • Wallace has explored #MeowWolf twice, technically. The first time was when I was 17 weeks pregnant with him. Both times, he refused to wear shoes. 😆
  • Some may see this @experience_tube as a cool piece of living art to experience with friends. Others think this would be pretty funny to use on fighting siblings. 🙋🏼‍♀️
  • He’s happiest when nobody reminds him he’s a baby.
  • 😍😍😍😍😍
  • Danger Baby LOVED snow tubing. #ThingsThatDontSurpriseMe #happyloudlife
  • Seeing your first book in person is so surreal. #BabyRabies50Things is available for pre-sale on Amazon right now- link in bio!
  • Today we nursed in a cavern 700 feet below ground. #mothernurturemothernature