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This Commercial Captures Valentines Day Perfectly For Me

This commercial stopped me in my tracks the other night. I stood there, arms full of papers and dirty socks and other bits I wasView full post »


Nobody Wins At Valentines (And Nobody Loses)

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when some parents will get crafty, and bust out all the glitter and cutesyView full post »


It Goes Both Ways

If you’ve been checking in on my blog this week, you’re aware of the Valentine’s crazy crafty explosion up in here. YouView full post »


You Can Do This! Easy Valentine’s Breakfast Ideas

I’m so excited to be on Texas Living today showing off this easy and healthy Valentine’s Day breakfast forView full post »


You Color My World Valentines- Tutorial & Free Printable

Procrastinators, relax! There is still time to come up with something cute for your kids’ Valentines, and I promise it will look likeView full post »


I’m In The Mood For Love And To Give Away Windows Phones

Love is in the air, right? No? More like snow is in the air and on the ground and OMG SOMEBODY BETTER SHOVEL THAT SOON? I mean, not forView full post »


Here’s A Little Secret About Valentines Candy

You’re welcome. html .ra1-pw-popup,html .ra1-pw-popupView full post »


Warning: The Cute May Cause Spontaneous Ovulation

Last Friday I thought it would be fun to have a couple kids over for a play date (sisters) and have a little photo shoot. I’m at theView full post »


I Gift You Cuteness and $100 to Tea Collection

Present #1: Little miss Leyna, baking up some love and smiles at our fun at-home Valentines photo shoot this morning.View full post »


The Love of a Practical Man

I can count on one hand the number of times he’s bought me flowers, and one of those times he didn’t really buy them as much asView full post »