This Commercial Captures Valentines Day Perfectly For Me

This commercial stopped me in my tracks the other night. I stood there, arms full of papers and dirty socks and other bits I was attempting to put away. Oh, okay pizza commercial, I thought. You just nailed it. And now of course we need a heart shaped pizza on Friday. In a relationship, have […]

Nobody Wins At Valentines (And Nobody Loses)


It’s that time of year again, the time of year when some parents will get crafty, and bust out all the glitter and cutesy printables for their child’s Valentines. It’s the time of year when this will make some other parents crazy. Why do they have to try to show everyone up? What is wrong […]

It Goes Both Ways


If you’ve been checking in on my blog this week, you’re aware of the Valentine’s crazy crafty explosion up in here. You probably want me to shut up about Valentine’s Day already. I kinda do, too. I’m tired. But I just have one thing to say about all this. It started as a Twitter rant, […]

You Can Do This! Easy Valentine’s Breakfast Ideas


I’m so excited to be on Texas Living today showing off this easy and healthy Valentine’s Day breakfast for the whole family with the last minute in mind. When they asked me to be on on the 13th to do something Valentine’s and craft related, I was at a loss. What could I show on […]