The love affair is over

Soooooo….um…did you know you’re not supposed to eat more than 15 Tums in one day?  Well, I didn’t because I’m a moron who doesn’t read the back labels of things she buys in the PHARMACY section.  I seriously ate about 50 Tums last night before they started making me sick (not like vomiting sick, but […]

Tums, sweet tums…Why have I doubted you?

Mmmmph…I type this as I crunch on one of my first handfuls of Tums EVER…in my life.  They are delightful, a little chalky, but chalky is GOOOOOOD right now.  I can guarantee you this is a direct result of the alien baby.  If I were not pregnant, I would be totally disgusted by the thought […]