Thoughts On Adding Another- Would 3 Be Tempting Fate?


We’ve reached the point in time when people are now openly asking us when we will have another baby. We’ve been quite open with everyone near us that we plan to have 3, so it’s natural for them to assume the 3rd will be announced any day now. Leyna is about the exact age Kendall […]

Laughing because…what else can I do?

So… as many of you know, negotiations for the second kiddo commenced a while back. I’ve received many fabulous bottles of wine out of the deal, and many late┬áSaturday and even Sunday mornings. It took us three solid months of “trying” before I got pregnant with Kendall, so I was expecting as much this time […]

The Power of the Negotiator


The conversation ┬álast night went a little something like this… Me: “You know, we really need to get some better beer,” as I guzzle down the last of a can of Budwieser. Scott: “What do you mean, you don’t like Bud now?” Me: “I like it alright, but this is a different time in our […]

Negotiations have commenced

Joint Production Spunky Stork

I’ve had my boobs all to myself for 8 months. The marathon is over. Chick Fil-A is up and running. There are chicken biscuits less than 5 minutes from our house. Kendall is nearly two (HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?), and I’m becoming entirely too used to getting 8 hours of sleep on a […]