Let’s Kick Off Cloth Diaper Week With a Giveaway!


I decided sort of last minute to dedicate this week on the blog to cloth diapers. I am having so much fun prepping all these tiny fluffy diapers for baby girl, and forgot how much I just love itty bitty cloth diapers. Thought I’d bring you all along for the ride this week and talk […]

Flip Diaper Review and Giveaway

Hoops in Flip

I know I’ve been talking a lot about poop on here lately, but let me take that subject on a different tangent and talk a little about cloth diapering a toddler. Let me just say that last year we went through some rough patches. It all started around watermelon season near his 1st birthday. The […]

Memos From Mommy, Sponsored by Sunshine Diapers


This week’s Memos are coming at you thanks to Rhea over at Sunshine Diapers. That name may ring a bell if you have been following my cloth diapering experiences.  This is the company that does the awesome Newborn Kissaluv Rental Package that worked so well for us.  They were also the Featured Sponsor of my […]

Cloth Diaper Q&A Time


I’ve received a lot of emails lately asking specific questions about cloth diapering with a baby who is now on solids, my wash routine, etc.  I figured I would take a minute to answer some of the most popular questions here.  I LOVE that so many people are researching their options and considering cloth diapering.  […]