Starbucks, You Confuse Me


Starbucks is “committed to reducing waste” you guys. So much so that you can buy a reusable plastic cup from them for $1. I commend this action, but…. I’m confused why they are always insisting on plugging my drinks with these stupid drink plugs when I’m just going to take 2 steps, remove it, and, […]

The Traveling Parade of Free Birth Control

We pulled into the Starbucks parking lot just as the kids were waking from their nap. We’d been driving for 2 hours, halfway between Dallas and Austin in college-town Waco. It was time for a break. As I pulled Leyna out of her car seat, I got a whiff of something foul. I instinctively pulled […]

The Bright Side Is… I Look 8?

Last night was rough. Not  a lot of sleeping going on for any of us (except the newborn… I’m not even going to tell you all how well she sleeps for fear of death threats and bombs sent to my doorstep). So Starbucks was a necessity while we were out this morning. Before braving the […]

Yay! Errr…kinda. (Starbucks progress report)


Got an email last week from Dottie, the District Manager I’ve been dealing with to get the changing tables installed in my local Starbucks. She informed me that three locations near me should have them installed by the end of the week! So we took a little family trip up the road tonight to see […]