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Blogging About Blogging: Blogher Links and Sponsor Love

Remember how I was on a panel about blogging “professionally” at Blogher this year? Well, the live-blog is available asView full post »


June Sponsor Love

It’s that time again, when I give my blog sponsors a big virtual hug to thank them for supporting me this month. As always,View full post »


With Love

For my May sponsors! I’m so lucky to be supported by all these great companies and blogs. Please check them out if you get aView full post »


April Sponsor Love Fest

Kissy kiss, smoochy smooch to all my sponsors this month! Just know you helped me throw a pretty awesome birthday party for one spoiled 4View full post »


Monthly Sponsor Love

Going to take a few minutes to give virtual fist bumps to the people who’ve sponsored me in the last month, and I wanted to let youView full post »


February Sponsor Love

February flew by! I mean, even with that extra day thrown in there, it was just like, BLAM, done. I’m actually pretty sure I’mView full post »


Crap! It’s February? Sponsor Shout Outs & Other Unfinished Biz

Well heck, it’s February already and I still haven’t shown my love for all the folks who supported me by putting an ad in myView full post »


December Sponsor Shout Out

Wazzzuppp??? Dude, that was so 1997. Sorry. Anyway, here’s a little shoutout to some folks who are helping me feed my online shoppingView full post »


November Sponsor Shout Outs

Here’s some love for the folks who are helping me stash Christmas money away this month. A huge thanks to my sponsors for November!View full post »