Join Me and Dr. Greene to White Out Our Babies’ Food

white out

This past Saturday I had another opportunity to listen to Dr. Greene, an amazing, world renowned pediatrician, speak at a MetroMoms event here in Dallas. (You may remember I had the honor of guest blogging for him at the beginning of the year.) Just as he did last year, he inspired me to get more […]

Cloth Diaper Q&A Time


I’ve received a lot of emails lately asking specific questions about cloth diapering with a baby who is now on solids, my wash routine, etc.  I figured I would take a minute to answer some of the most popular questions here.  I LOVE that so many people are researching their options and considering cloth diapering.  […]

The boy was born to eat


As if you couldn’t tell from pictures, he relishes meal time, and while his love for the boob still remains, he’s slowly growing accustomed to the joys of solid foods that are not produced by my super calorie burning mammary glands (seriously, I will be in the market for a personal trainer and gym membership […]