Reporting from the trenches

It’s been a week, and the war trudges on.  It’s hard to tell who’s winning.  If we go by who’s getting better sleep, then Kendall is kicking my ass in that department.  I am exhausted.  Walking 30 yards to his room three times a night seems about as dreadful as crossing the Sahara.  Luckily, no […]

I may lose the war, but I won the first battle!

Holy freaking OMG this is so fanfuckingtastic!  I just did Kendall’s new little night time, please get sleepy and stay sleepy time routine -bath, lotion, diaper, jammies, sleep sack, Rockabye Baby Lullaby CD, lights down, nurse, rock…. good God that is a shit load of work to get one small person to go to sleep.  […]