Top 10 Reasons My Infant Is Not Sleeping copy

10. His hands are fascinating. 9. He is actually a honey badger. 8. He’s trying to figure out how to eat the mattress. 7. He’s fantasizing of putting LEGOs and fistfuls of dog hair in his mouth. 6. I’m extremely tired and could pass out at any moment. 5. He never plans on sleeping again. […]

Mommy Truths: Calories That Shouldn’t Count & Losing Sleep


You may have seen these on Facebook already. I’ve already uploaded them to my Facebook Page. (Do you like me over there yet? You should! Your mother will not mind at all if you do!) But I thought I’d go ahead and put them up here, too. Now, please excuse me while I go take […]

Making Bedtime Stress-Free


  This is a guest-post, written by Dana Obleman, Parenting Consultant and creator of The Sleep Sense Program. Dana reached out to me after reading about my exhausting bedtime and nighttime struggles with my daughter Leyna. I’m happy to have her posting here today and sharing her tips for an easier bedtime! It’s been one of […]

Sleep: Not Just For The Selfish

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep. – unknown BULLSHIT. If I were on my deathbed tomorrow, I could tell you about the great sleep I got in Nashville at the end of February, when I was sleeping in a hotel WITHOUT CHILDREN. But, okay, I […]