That Moment You Wake And Realize Your Baby Slept 8 Hours


God bless you, Dr. Ferber

It worked!  Well, I guess I should say it’s working.  After speed reading some key chapters in Dr. Ferber’s book last week, we started implementing the modified version of crying it out this weekend.  After just a couple days, I slept for 8.5 hours, pretty much uninterrupted, for the first time last night in I […]

What is my sleep philosophy?

I was asked this in a previous post, so allow me to answer.  I believe in the power of sleep.  I cherish it and think it is a vital part of a healthy life.  I also believe that preventing someone from sleeping is a form of torture and that willingly preventing yourself from sleeping is […]

The boy was born to eat


As if you couldn’t tell from pictures, he relishes meal time, and while his love for the boob still remains, he’s slowly growing accustomed to the joys of solid foods that are not produced by my super calorie burning mammary glands (seriously, I will be in the market for a personal trainer and gym membership […]