Operation 3 Car Seats and a $100 Giveaway


3 kids can sometimes seem like A LOT of kids. Mostly when I remember I only have 2 arms, or when I recall there are only 2 grown ups in this house, or when I think about squeezing them all in one vehicle. The bad news is there really isn’t anything I can do about […]

Our Bedroom Finally Looks Civilized- The Reveal


It was a long week of home renovations. Per usual, I always grossly underestimate how much time and energy a project will take. We were running on little sleep and too much caffeine by the time we finished, but our room? Oh my. It’s like we imported it from another house. Hardly recognizable compared to […]

Crappy Pictures


Just got back from our annual road trip to St. Louis to visit family. If you’re imagining me typing this from a sea of unpacked luggage, un-showered, while eating leftover Easter candy, I’d say you have a crystal ball into my reality right now. Please also note the beads of sweat forming on my forehead […]

Back To School Means Getting Back To Organized, a momAgenda Giveaway


It’s Sunday night. Kendall goes back to school this week. He starts k-4 (preschool) on Tuesday. I feel like this year is a dress rehearsal for the big time next year. I can’t be taking him to Kindergarten 5 minutes late every day. I can’t be forgetting his school events and running home to fetch […]