Silhouette On Wood Canvas DIY

IMG_4713 copy

I did this crafty thing for the Red Barn Blog before I had Lowell. One of the easiest projects I’ve done for them so far, and one of my favorites. Don’t let the state of Texas fool you. This technique can work for any shape you can cut. There are so many possibilities! Head on […]

Freezing Time And Putting It On Display


I cleaned out Leyna’s closet last week in an effort to figure out what I do and don’t have for the next baby. As I pulled out little storage boxes and bags overflowing with tiny onesies, I began finding artifacts that lead me through wormholes, to little glimpses of what it was like to have […]

DIY Paper Mobile Tutorial

Paper Mobile DIY

My trip to the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel this month inspired this simple, paper mobile tutorial for the Red Barn Blog.  Head on over to get the full tutorial.

DIY: Getting Your Kids’ Art on Canvas


My Decor & Cool Spaces post for this month is up over on the Red Barn Blog! This time I took on the challenge of finding a way to display kids artwork that blends well with the rest of our wall decor. Head on over to my post on to see the full tutorial.