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Container Love

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect laundry basket for Leyna’s room for 2 years now. That’s quite possibly the lamestView full post »


Earth Day Everyday! Fuzzibunz Giveaway

This giveaway for a limited edition FuzziBunz Earth Day diaper was supposed to happen back, you know, around Earth Day, but then we toreView full post »


Love Me A Cute Diaper! AppleCheeks Review & Giveaway

Oh, and it’s functional, too. But really? Super CUTE! I’ve been able to expand my fluff stash considerably since having Leyna,View full post »


Pretty, Pretty Picaboo! A Photo Book Giveaway

Thanks to Picaboo for sponsoring this post. To learn more about Picaboo photo books, cards, calendars and other printed productsView full post »


My Digital Picture Hoarding Intervention, With The Help of Picaboo

Thanks to Picaboo for sponsoring this post. To learn more about Picaboo photo books, cards, calendars and other printed productsView full post »


Hallmark Personalized Announcements Review & Giveaway

You know what’s pretty much the picture of insanity? Committing yourself to sending out birth announcements right after, you know,View full post »


4moms mamaRoo Review & Giveaway

In the beginning, before she settled into her routine, before I FINALLY began to believe she’s a “good baby,” we hadView full post »


It’s Art! For the Tots! A ModTots Giveaway!

Hard to have a case of the Mondays when I get to post this lovely giveaway for you all from my  friends at ModTots. If their work seemsView full post »


Olive Bungalow Jewelry Giveaway!

I love jewelry that has significance. Throughout my teen years, I wore a charm bracelet daily, collecting new charms for each milestone inView full post »


Announcing the Modern Bird Studios winners!

Yes, I said winnerS!  Megan and Gregg decided, in addition to giving away one free piece of custom art, they would also give out two 50%View full post »


Modern Bird Studios – custom art with soul

Every now and then, through these great mediums we call social media, I make a really, truly wonderful connection with a blogger, a reader,View full post »


Memos From Mommy, Sponsored by Pangea Organics

I can’t lie. This blogging gig ain’t bad, especially when companies like Pangea Organics send me a Radiance Gift Set to try outView full post »


Just a little shout out

Kendall pooped in the tub again tonight. I don’t know what it is lately. It’s like a game. He’s trying to poop in as manyView full post »


Memos From Mommy 05.04.09

This week’s Memos From Mommy is brought to you by Boogie Wipes.  Funny name, but seriously great little wipes made specifically forView full post »


Memos From Mommy

Got a case of the Mondays?  Diaper rash getting you down?  Well, turn that frown upside down. It’s time for the first of many MemosView full post »


Oh Plah! Chew on this.

What did you do for Earth Day?  Kendall and I spent the day with as few lights on as possible (something we try to do everyday, but we wereView full post »


Because sometimes Benadryl and wine aren’t enough

My husband travels a lot for work.  Not to super exotic places, but places generally more exciting than our neck of Texas.  When he tookView full post »


For the boy who eats everything, a bib that catches everything.

Kendall is getting to an age where he is not so impressed with the purees I lovingly make for him.  Doesn’t matter that I am a rockView full post »