9 Things Potty-Training Toddlers Do In Public


Our nearly 3 year old is mostly potty-trained. You might be thinking I’m very excited about this. I mostly am. Except for all those times I remember it’s 1,000 times easier to tell her to just pee in her diaper while we’re out to dinner than it is to take her to a public restroom. […]

I Keep Meaning To Blog, But…


Then summer keeps happening. And my 3 hours of productivity a day are often spent putting on and taking off little swimsuits, and covering little legs and arms in sunscreen. Or taking Leyna to the potty. She’s nearly potty trained, but not really. It’s a strange little tightrope we’re walking with it all right now, […]

The iPotty Can’t Touch The Damage We’ve Already Done


A funny thing has happened over the last few weeks. Dozens? Yeah, I’d say probably dozens of people have emailed me, tagged me, tweeted me, or left links on my Facebook page to articles about the iPotty. Image from AP via HuffingtonPost Why? Because it reminds them of me. Errr… not of me but of my love […]

First World Potty Training


How on earth did I ever potty train the first one without an iPad and the PBS Kids app?