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What Doctors Want You To Know About Potty Training {Contributor}

Contributor Julie Forbes is here today with potty-traning advice she got in a class, based on advice from the AAP, that she took at aView full post »


9 Things Potty-Training Toddlers Do In Public

Our nearly 3 year old is mostly potty-trained. You might be thinking I’m very excited about this. I mostly am. Except for all thoseView full post »


I Keep Meaning To Blog, But…

Then summer keeps happening. And my 3 hours of productivity a day are often spent putting on and taking off little swimsuits, and coveringView full post »


The iPotty Can’t Touch The Damage We’ve Already Done

A funny thing has happened over the last few weeks. Dozens? Yeah, I’d say probably dozens of people have emailed me, tagged me,View full post »


First World Potty Training

How on earth did I ever potty train the first one without an iPad and the PBS Kids app?View full post »


Begin The Soul-Sucking That Is Potty Training

I was feeling a little proud of ourselves this week. Leyna started pooping on the little potty. Not really asking to do so, but doing itView full post »


Potty Training Progress Report

“Get used to it now, your life will revolve around pee and poop for most of the foreseeable future. And let me just say, newborn poopView full post »


“I’m such a mom.”

Ever find yourself doing or saying something or reacting a certain way that makes  you stop and think, “I’m such aView full post »


So Maybe I’m the One Who Needs To Be Trained?

The last couple weeks have gone pretty well around here on the potty training front. The kid hasn’t had an accident in well over aView full post »


The Power of Poop

Kendall has discovered the power he holds between his butt cheeks. Poop is now the great negotiating tool in the house. Anytime he thinksView full post »


Potty Training in Progress

We’re still far from there, but we’re taking baby steps. Last night Kendall got to enjoy a fat bowl of “ife cream”View full post »


Jumbled Mess about Sonograms and Potty Training

Just a couple hours out from our first sonogram. I can’t tell if this topsy turvy stomach is morning sickness or nerves, butView full post »


I get by with a little help from my friends.

Being a stay at home mom can feel really isolating. It’s not uncommon for me to go 6 hours without speaking out loud to anotherView full post »


Poop- still monopolizing my life

Okay, remember how I was going to be all YAY POTTY TRAINING this month? Uhm, yeah… well, that didn’t work out. WeView full post »


Poop consumes way too much of my life

While some bloggers are taking this time to look to the next year and predict what it might hold for them in terms of personal success,View full post »


Potty Pool Party!

Potty training is approaching. Maybe not as quickly as I’d like, but it is on the horizon. I’ve got some of the tools ready-View full post »