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In Their Natural Habitat

Watch as the young male builds shelter to protect him from wild dogs, crazy cats and unleashed littleView full post »


If I Could Send You All a Christmas Card

you’d have seen these pictures already… maybe… except those of you who *are* getting Christmas cards, but probablyView full post »


My Digital Picture Hoarding Intervention, With The Help of Picaboo

Thanks to Picaboo for sponsoring this post. To learn more about Picaboo photo books, cards, calendars and other printedView full post »


Good friends. Good life.

Many of you know that we are close friends with Amy and Srinu Regeti. They own Regeti’s Photography out of Warrenton, VA andView full post »


Belated Bluebonnet Blog Brag

It’s 100% my fault that it took me so long to get my hands on the beautiful photos that Dallas photographer Amy Columbus took ofView full post »


Attention all new/soon to be dads! Learn how to use the farking camera.

Babies grow so fast.  There are so many monumental things to document nearly every day, like their first bath, their first smile, the firstView full post »


Check out the Chub!!

A quick drive by post to pimp out Kendall’s new pictures, done by the lovely Mollie of Photography in Bloom down in Austin, TX. View full post »



Just wanted to take a minute to show you all how much Kendall really has grown, and of course to show off my handsome little man.View full post »


He’s not my boo!!

Okay…this will be ridiculously short, especially considering all I’m itching to write about.  I just don’t have the timeView full post »


I don’t think you’re ready for this belly.

At the end of 32 weeks (literally days before the stretch mark explosion) I was lucky enough to meet up with some very good friends of oursView full post »