My HLN Debut- The Anti-Glamorous Pregnancy

Last week, from the comfort of our Great Wolf Lodge suite, my hair barely dry, I Skyped into the HLN studios to discuss “the real deal” about being pregnant with Kyra Phillips and the Raising America team. I’ve been working on sending them little video diaries throughout the last few weeks, and they put together […]

I Keep Meaning To Blog, But…


Then summer keeps happening. And my 3 hours of productivity a day are often spent putting on and taking off little swimsuits, and covering little legs and arms in sunscreen. Or taking Leyna to the potty. She’s nearly potty trained, but not really. It’s a strange little tightrope we’re walking with it all right now, […]

This Is A New Feeling


When I was pregnant with both Kendall and Leyna, I never really felt that excitement and anticipation leading up to having them. Nope. Mostly I spent the entirety of my pregnancies with them scared out of my freaking mind. It caused much guilt for me. I felt bad that I wasn’t giddy thinking about those […]

“I Eat Sand.” “Please Tell That To America!”

I think the first time I’m on national TV, I’m going to be telling the world that I eat sand. Sometimes. Just a little bit. See, when I was in California for Mom 2.0 a couple weeks ago, I had the chance to pitch a team of execs and producers and important people from HLN. […]