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My HLN Debut- The Anti-Glamorous Pregnancy

Last week, from the comfort of our Great Wolf Lodge suite, my hair barely dry, I Skyped into the HLN studios to discuss “the realView full post »


I Keep Meaning To Blog, But…

Then summer keeps happening. And my 3 hours of productivity a day are often spent putting on and taking off little swimsuits, and coveringView full post »


This Is A New Feeling

When I was pregnant with both Kendall and Leyna, I never really felt that excitement and anticipation leading up to having them. Nope.View full post »


“I Eat Sand.” “Please Tell That To America!”

I think the first time I’m on national TV, I’m going to be telling the world that I eat sand. Sometimes. Just a littleView full post »


My Body Keeps Having To Remind Me It’s Pregnant

My body keeps having to remind me it’s pregnant. It’s quite inconvenient. I have stuff to do, yo. But, in the midst of thisView full post »


Pica- It’s Back

I want, I crave, I salivate thinking of eating a spoonful of wet sand. I would love to eat a couple pieces of chalk. I want these thingsView full post »


My Rocky Breakup #Pica

It’s been nearly 4 months since I used an old butter knife to scrape off grainy bits of my favorite rock to eat, nearly 4 monthsView full post »


The Rock Lust Continues

Nearing the end of this lightning fast pregnancy and I’m finding it harder and harder to settle on what I want to eat when it comesView full post »


Water On The Rocks, A Pica Lust Story

So there’s this rock, this rock that my husband brought back from a Spring Break trip to the Grand Canyon about 9 years ago. ThisView full post »


How I Spent My Kid-Free Staycation

This update is coming later than I originally planned for a couple reasons. 1. I got some sort of wretched stomach bug/24 hour flu a coupleView full post »