Slice Of Perfect In Our Messy Reality- A Photography Challenge


“How do you keep your house so clean?” I get this a lot, which is highly laughable. While I would say we have managed to keep ourselves from reaching hoarder status (except for the months directly following having a baby), we certainly don’t live in a pristine house, or a house as clean as many […]

This Is 6 Months


Half a year with this guy. Unbelievable.   Pics taken with my Canon 6D and Sigma 35 1.4 lens. 

A Facebook Celebration and a Shutterbag Giveaway!


When I started blogging 6 years ago, I never, ever, ever thought more than a handful of people would read it. And I never intended that handful to include anyone I know “in real life,” like my parents… and the parents of my future kids’ friends. And yet, I still keep blogging about things like […]

Pictures Of Our Week


Another week has passed, and a million things I’ve wanted to tell you all about (okay, at least 27 on my to-write list) sit in my head, unblogged.  But what I’m lacking in words these days, I’m making up for in pictures. I’m pretty prolific on Instagram lately. I blame easy access to an iPhone […]