White Balance: The Difference Between Pretty and Dog Pee


You know what’s been driving me CRAZY for nearly 2 years? The pictures I put up of Leyna’s nursery right before she was born. Oh, they were SUCH a white-balance nightmare. I mean, it’s not like I really knew exactly WHY they looked like a dog pissed all over them back then, but I knew […]

Tiny Traveler Nursery in a PB&J Color Palette


I STILL don’t have a baby to put in it, but the nursery is done, and I thought I’d try to occupy myself by doing the grand reveal. Those of you who have been following my progress may remember that I had this crazy ambition to sew just about everything for the room, and I […]

A Nursery Decor S.O.S.


I am 25 weeks pregnant. 25 weeks! I wish I could explain how different my perception of time is this time around. I guess that parenting vortex/worm hole/black hole you get thrown into with your first just never goes away when you get pregnant with the second because I can not wrap my head around […]