Wintery Rainbow 1st Birthday Party


I came up with the wintery rainbow theme for Leyna’s party after falling in love with all the beautiful rainbow parties I’ve seen online the last year. I loved the idea of brightening up a party in the middle of winter with lots of fun colors. I hired Charlotte from The Paper Cupcake to design […]

The Calm Before The Party Storm

Leyna’s birthday party is tomorrow! And we all know what that means… I’m about to LOSE MY MIND.  We’re having it at our house because, why not? Who DOESN’T want 20 something people in their not-exactly-large house that’s been in a constant state of renovation for the last year and isn’t quite completely finished? “We’ll […]

One Of My Better Ideas

The girl was born on December 28th, and I vowed at the time to not let her arrival so close to Christmas affect my ability to throw her proper, awesome birthdays and shower her in cool, non-combineable gifts. Of course, as with all things in parenthood, it’s so much easier to say you’ll “never” do […]

Kendall’s 3rd Birthday Party or Why I’d Never Make it as a Wedding Planner

Rescue Pack favor bags full of cool stuff like headlamps, binoculars and bandaids

Party Planning Psychosis was in full effect last weekend for Kendall’s 3rd birthday party. I’m only now getting to blog about it because I had to spend quality time with family following the episode to make up for my insanity and ensure that they will attend future celebrations under my rule. The thing is, I […]