The Circle Of Life


“When you’re deaded, and you go to heaven, can you see?” “Yeah, buddy. I think so.” “If you can see, then you’re alive, right? So you can be alive in heaven?” “Well, no… not really? I… Kendall, I don’t know. You can see, and it will feel like you’re alive, maybe? But you can only […]

8 Days With Lowell


::sits on pillow, dusts off blog, adjusts breast pads:: Hi! Lowell was born 8 days ago. Life is lovely and chaotic all at once. I’m ridiculously overwhelmed and happy all at once. I’m also getting my postpartum ass kicked by another horrific postpartum rash and some super sore and engorged boobs to go with it. […]

Giving Myself More Credit For Surviving Colic

Kendall at 10 weeks old, snuggled in my Moby Wrap in the Texas summer heat because it's all that soothed him.

You know how so many things in life are much clearer, make more sense once you have something to compare them to? What’s become clear after these last few months with Leyna is how really, REALLY hard it was to be Kendall’s parent the first 3 months of his life. The clarity comes not from […]

The Rumors Are True. I Have An “Easy” Baby.


Come here. ¬†Closer. Lean in, I’m going to say this in a very soft whisper. It’s true. This baby? She is…. easy. She sleeps! A lot. Her cries? Not bad. No signs of colic. None. ::KNOCKING ON ALL PIECES OF WOOD:: Oh, I really, really hate to blog about this. I’ve waited over 5 weeks […]