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Bats & Balls- This Is Not About Baseball {Contributor}

Contributor Suzanne Davis loses her mind a little shortly after having her 3rd baby when bats invade her house while her husband is stuckView full post »


The Circle Of Life

“When you’re deaded, and you go to heaven, can you see?” “Yeah, buddy. I think so.” “If you canView full post »


8 Days With Lowell

::sits on pillow, dusts off blog, adjusts breast pads:: Hi! Lowell was born 8 days ago. Life is lovely and chaotic all at once.View full post »


Giving Myself More Credit For Surviving Colic

You know how so many things in life are much clearer, make more sense once you have something to compare them to? What’s become clearView full post »


The Rumors Are True. I Have An “Easy” Baby.

Come here.  Closer. Lean in, I’m going to say this in a very soft whisper. It’s true. This baby? She is…. easy. SheView full post »


You know what I’m not looking forward to?

I really haven’t thought much about what life will *really* be like with another newborn in the house. I mean, I’ve fantasized,View full post »


My new bundle of joy has arrived

It kept me up late last night just staring at it and holding it.  It’s so different than the one I already have, yet it seems easier.View full post »


Don’t wish it away

I know I’ve spent more than my fair share on here complaining in some way or another, and I’m really not writing this to sugarView full post »


What is your malfunction???!!!!!

Stop crying…just stop…stop… please…. PLEASE STOP… just 30 minutes…. I just want a shower….View full post »


Irrational Fear – Conehead babies

I just saw some of the most amazing pictures of the most beautiful newborn with a head so perfectly round she looked like a littleView full post »