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Hold Me. I’m Scared Of This Baby.

This baby is trying to break me. It’s testing me. I’m in the 2nd trimester- the  honeymoon trimester- and it’s laughingView full post »


Breaking Up With Pinterest

Because food and I have a really tempestuous relationship right now, and Pinterest isn’t being very sensitive about all that. I mean,View full post »


Jumbled Mess about Sonograms and Potty Training

Just a couple hours out from our first sonogram. I can’t tell if this topsy turvy stomach is morning sickness or nerves, butView full post »


It’s not you, it’s not even me, IT’S THE BABY.

Dear Husband, I get the feeling you’re taking this whole food aversion phase a little too personally. Here’s the thing,View full post »


Food: The enemy

**Warning!  If you are currently in the bowels of morning sickness hell, please proceed with caution. I’ve been wanting to blog theseView full post »


Tums, sweet tums…Why have I doubted you?

Mmmmph…I type this as I crunch on one of my first handfuls of Tums EVER…in my life.  They are delightful, a little chalky, butView full post »