Mommy Truth: Crafting With My Children


One Kid was EASY! A Mommy Truth


Kendall’s been sick this week. Not the kind of sick where he lays in a bed and sleeps all day, though. Just the kind of sick where I’m forced to keep him home from school, while he continues with life at the same pace he always has. So we’ve run a lot of errands together […]

Breaking Up With Pinterest


Because food and I have a really tempestuous relationship right now, and Pinterest isn’t being very sensitive about all that. I mean, I just saw a picture of RAW HAMBURGER MEAT next to a picture of a BLOODY NOSE. I will cut you, Pinterest. Right after I puke on you. Even the sight of cooked […]

How Can We Escape Puke & Poop?


That was Scott’s question to me earlier as he cleaned out Leyna’s little potty after she successfully filled it to the brim. “Uh… go to an island without them?” I replied wistfully. It’s been that kind of day. I laid on the couch most of it, convinced I was dying from some awful plague only […]