Beyond Studying- The Pride That Came From Paying For College


It was never a question of “if” I would go to college. It was expected of me, and I expected it of myself. I remember talking with friends in the first grade about attending the University of Hawaii together. As a Navy brat and Oahu resident at the time, it seemed only natural. There was […]

NASHVILLE!! #Blissdom


Photo bomb. 1. Me and a bestie from college. She happens to be pretty famous here. You can watch her on the Nashville morning news. She is also gorgeous. Obviously. 2. Nashville, downtown. 3. My assistant… who also happens to be incredibly hot and married to me. That’s all I got in me. I have […]

Ruffle Up A Hoodie


Just a quick post to show off this jacket I made for Leyna last week. And by “made” I mean I transformed it from a basic gray hoodie to a MIZZOU-inspired, ruffled hoodie with the help of about 1/2 yard of fabric and an hour of my time. It was super easy.   The inside […]

How I Spent My Kid-Free Staycation


This update is coming later than I originally planned for a couple reasons. 1. I got some sort of wretched stomach bug/24 hour flu a couple days ago, barfed my brains out (for the first time this pregnancy!) and spent almost the entirety of yesterday sleeping and/or complaining. I was even too sick to tweet! […]