DFW Family Expo 2012


My friends at Metroplex Baby are once again losing sleep and busting their rumps throughout February to bring North Texas the most comprehensive expo with families and soon-to-be families in mind- The DFW Family Expo. So, if you’re in the DFW area, and you are thinking you’d like to check out the latest and greatest […]

My social experiment finally goes live

So remember how I gave up the internet for an ENTIRE WEEK? And remember how I lived to tell about it? Well, I can finally share the rest of the story with you all. I went on my internet sabbatical as part of a social experiment for DFW’s CBS 11. The story finally aired tonight. […]

Back to the Future

A couple weeks ago my friend Barb (one of the founders and owners of Metroplex Baby and Kids) called me with a proposition. She was helping a local news producer find someone to give up the internet, entirely, for a week, and she thought I’d be “perfect” for it.  I had to laugh a little. […]

An evening of excellence and brilliance

Something amazing happens when you get a group of moms together without their babies.  They have actual conversations, full of complete sentences and peppered with wit and humor. They drink wine and swap labor horror stories that probably make the pregnant girl at the table want to hurl/hide, but they can only laugh at the […]