Memos From Mommy, Sponsored by Twist Organics


Memos from Mommy is back! And this time it’s sponsored by Twist Organics Water, which is USDA Certified organic, less than ten calories, non carbonated, preservative free, all natural water flavored with a “twist” of fruit flavor and organic agave nectar. They sent me six bottles to try and I’ve sucked them down all weekend, […]

Memos From Mommy, Sponsored by Samantha’s Art Studio


I am so excited my friend Sam, an amazingly awesome person and artist, is sponsoring this week’s Memos From Mommy! Sam does more than just paint and draw.  She’s truly passionate about her subjects and goes to great lengths to advocate for their well-being and the preservation of their environments.  Who are these lucky subjects? […]

Memos From Mommy, Sponsored by Sunshine Diapers


This week’s Memos are coming at you thanks to Rhea over at Sunshine Diapers. That name may ring a bell if you have been following my cloth diapering experiences.  This is the company that does the awesome Newborn Kissaluv Rental Package that worked so well for us.  They were also the Featured Sponsor of my […]

Memos From Mommy, Sponsored by Pangea Organics


I can’t lie. This blogging gig ain’t bad, especially when companies like Pangea Organics send me a Radiance Gift Set to try out and then agrees to give one away to a very lucky reader to enjoy. This stuff is niiiiiiice!  I’ve been using the facial cleanser, lip balm and eye cream every day […]