There Is Magic In 5 Months Old


I’ve seen him roll over both ways a couple times, so I know he’s capable of it. He doesn’t do it often, though. I think this would have caused me great anxiety as a first-time mom. I encouraged my first baby to track brightly colored objects until he shifted his weight enough to land from […]

Pictures of Our Week 2


First, let’s lead with THAT up there. My cousin sent Lowell this freaking ADORABLE outfit over the weekend. It morphed him into the old man from Up. It is from this Etsy shop. It was the cherry on top of this past week, which actually turned out to be not so bad, despite Scott being […]

Pictures Of Our Week


Another week has passed, and a million things I’ve wanted to tell you all about (okay, at least 27 on my to-write list) sit in my head, unblogged. ┬áBut what I’m lacking in words these days, I’m making up for in pictures. I’m pretty prolific on Instagram lately. I blame easy access to an iPhone […]

In Their Natural Habitat


Watch as the young male builds shelter to protect him from wild dogs, crazy cats and unleashed little sisters… Now observe the tiny female as she steadies herself on her feet and explores her surroundings by shoving every bright piece of plastic into her mouth. She then scatters her stockpile of toys to take daily […]