Parenting Is a Human Experience

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I teared up when I read my friend’s status update on Facebook yesterday… ¬†knowing how much Miranda has struggled with her son’s sensory issues lately, knowing how much that small moment really meant to her. Earlier this month, this same friend, on that same Facebook page, was called into question by someone for “complaining too […]

It Goes Both Ways


If you’ve been checking in on my blog this week, you’re aware of the Valentine’s crazy crafty explosion up in here. You probably want me to shut up about Valentine’s Day already. I kinda do, too. I’m tired. But I just have one thing to say about all this. It started as a Twitter rant, […]

A Reactionary Mommy Truth


Well, yesterday was quite the day. My post about letting my 12 month old “cry it out” got pretty much nothing but support over here, but it is STILL a bitch fest over on my Facebook page about it all (and many other FB pages, I’m sure, where I’ve been called a selfish bitch and […]

Let’s talk judgement

Okay ladies and gents (are there any gents out there reading this?), we all know the world of parenthood is ripe with judgement. You can smell it’s thick vapors permeating off of mommy and me groups, and you can feel it’s heat and intensity in the sharp, unapproving glares from people in line at the […]