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Kids Are Easier To Please Than We Think- A Halloween Recap

Remember how I spent nearly a week carefully crafting an intricate, homemade costume for Kendall last Halloween? Well, I was having none ofView full post »


Simple, Whimsical Halloween Decorations

Now that our house is officially under contract (again- we’re hopeful it will stick the 2nd time around), we can loosen up a littleView full post »


“The Best Halloween Ever” (And Costume Tutorials)

Well, we pulled it off! This Halloween was basically the best ever. And I’m not just saying that because my first ever large scaleView full post »


Easy DIY Halloween Costumes: LEGO & Ladybug

If you’re like a lot of parents out there, it’s the weekend before Halloween and you still don’t have a costume for yourView full post »


Argh! Happy Halloween Hangover Day.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween! My little pirate and parrot sure did.   Leyna rocked her No-Sew Parrot costume and Kendall’sView full post »


Pins Of The Week- Halloween Style

I haven’t done a Pin Of The Week post in a while, so I figured I’d throw a few great pins in this one. These are all HalloweenView full post »


No-Sew Infant Parrot Costume Tutorial

My years are numbered. I won’t be able to dictate what Kendall is for Halloween much longer, and I won’t be able to coordinateView full post »


The Breakdown Of Party Planning Psychosis

6 weeks out I think I’ll have a Halloween party. I think I’ll have a toddler Halloween party. That’s a fabulous idea! AView full post »


Tutu cute Halloween wreath

Today I was in the mood to craft. It’s a mood that strikes a couple times a month, usually when my house is at it’s messiestView full post »


I must be getting old (Random Halloween Observations)

Not only was it Kendall’s first Halloween, but, in a sense, it was ours too.  It was our first Halloween in a house in a neighborhoodView full post »


Happy Halloween!

Kendall is the most happy Halloween is finally here because that means I will stop dressing him up in this cumbersome get up.  We startedView full post »