“Wizzlers, Jejush, Cocadots and Pupcakes”

Just a few very cute and funny 4 year old mispronunciations (for Twizzlers, Jesus, Polkadots and Cupcakes) that we won’t be hearing around here on a daily basis anymore.  We went to St. Louis last week to give Hailey, our niece who has been living with us since January, her 4th birthday party and to […]


Wow. What’s that saying? Something about how life isn’t the destination, it’s the journey, I think. Well, if that’s the case, my life can be summed up as one crazy ass ride these last few months. Tonight is the first time in weeks that I’ve been able to sit down at the computer and digest […]

What is your malfunction???!!!!!

Stop crying…just stop…stop… please…. PLEASE STOP… just 30 minutes…. I just want a shower…. please…. stop…. STOP!!!!   Have you officially lost your mind when you are negotiating out loud with a 2 week old?  I have lost it.  I am insane.  I have done this to myself.  What do you want?! You are changed, you […]

“I don’t have breasts!”

Since I’m up and rarely have the time or energy to blog, I thought I’d take a few precious minutes to blog a funny niece story. Since she’s moved in with us we’ve gone to great lengths to make her feel involved in this baby process. She is beyond excited to be the big “cousin […]