Rocking the 4moms rockaRoo and a Giveaway


Few sights are sweeter than a sleeping baby, and few things are sweeter than those that help a baby sleep. I’m all for baby snuggles and mommy cuddles when I can, but sometimes I need to put the boy down. Our new favorite place to let him chill is in the 4moms rockaRoo. They sent […]

A Pork Be Inspired Giveaway


The food situation in this house is a bad one, friends. We’ve basically been living off of fast food. I mean, yes, I know… I JUST HAD A BABY. Good excuse, I think. But no. This must stop. We have to get back into the habit of, like, cooking and stuff. For our health, but […]

Operation 3 Car Seats and a $100 Giveaway


3 kids can sometimes seem like A LOT of kids. Mostly when I remember I only have 2 arms, or when I recall there are only 2 grown ups in this house, or when I think about squeezing them all in one vehicle. The bad news is there really isn’t anything I can do about […]

The Big Bedroom Makeover Giveaway!


I had SO much fun re-doing our wretched master bedroom this month. Okay, maybe it wasn’t “fun” while we were doing it, but I like to tell myself it was worth it, and like my wedding, I plan to erase the memories of me crying over the bad stuff and replace them with the word […]