Even Inappropriate Elves Can Help People

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The ladies from HaHas for HooHas are really… special. I love them for their humor and talent (and Jen’s mad dance skillz), and am so happy they are helping me pick the top 10 Inappropriate Elves this year because I do NOT want that job all to myself. They’ve also come up with a couple […]

In Austin? You’re Invited to the Pregnancy & Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas Wine Social


It’s been almost exactly a year since I broke down and got help for what turned out to be postpartum anxiety. This time last year, I was in a lonely, scary, dark place. Like a hole I couldn’t find a way out of. I thought I’d be stuck there forever. It really didn’t seem like […]

I Tied A Wish In The Wind


It started with a walk through a door… And into a garden at one end of a bridge. It was shaded with trees, and the sun poked through the holes where the branches intertwined. We set off to the other side, each of us making our own quiet journey. Each of us thinking of our […]

The Miracle Milk Fund for Jamie, A Warrior Mother

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Click Here to To Donate! For as much attention as mainstream media likes to give mothers and drama (or “mommy wars”) on the internet, I’m convinced that’s not representative of the majority of interactions between women within this great space. I know. I’ve witnessed the better side first-hand, countless times. Women and the internet can […]