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The Transformation Of A Meatball

I make enormous children. That’s common knowledge. There were times when Kendall was a baby that the nicknameView full post »


Photographic Evidence of Why I Have Fat Babies

That’s 12 oz. of milk pumped in 12 hours I was away from my baby, straight from the fridge. PeopleView full post »


If Only Pictures Were Scratch & Squish

After Kendall was born, the first and only thing I could think upon laying eyes on him  as he laid on my chest and stared right at me was,View full post »


Different Baby, Same Exact Blog Post

I’m recycling a blog post this morning. I wrote it when Kendall was the age Leyna is now. I have the SAME struggle with Leyna and theView full post »


There’s No Denying It

They are definitely related. Kendall at 4 months old… Leyna at 3.5 monthsView full post »