The Transformation Of A Meatball

State Fair and Park 037-2

I make enormous children. That’s common knowledge. There were times when Kendall was a baby that the nickname “meatball” suited him perfectly. His measurements and percentiles from early pediatrician appointments read out like measurements for a square- 90%+ for weight, 50% for height. Slowly the pudge started to melt just a bit, though we’d argue […]

Photographic Evidence of Why I Have Fat Babies


That’s 12 oz. of milk pumped in 12 hours I was away from my baby, straight from the fridge. People always ask me if I make straight cream, or milkshakes in these boobs. Whatever it is, I joke that I was a dairy cow in another life… the kind they use to make ice cream… […]

If Only Pictures Were Scratch & Squish


After Kendall was born, the first and only thing I could think upon laying eyes on him ¬†as he laid on my chest and stared right at me was, “CHEEKS!” With Leyna, the word that shouted itself in my head as I held her 9lb 9oz rolly polly body between my hands was, “SQUISHY!” (I […]

Different Baby, Same Exact Blog Post

I’m recycling a blog post this morning. I wrote it when Kendall was the age Leyna is now. I have the SAME struggle with Leyna and the exersaucer or jumperoo every day. Darn those fat, wiggly babies! A Not So Fun Game We Play Every Day Mommy needs to pee/clean/brush her teeth/have a moment to […]