How I gave birth to my second marathon


“This your first marathon?” I ask the girl to my right. “This is my first and my last,” she replies as we pass mile marker 7. “You say that…” my running partner and I both respond together, and then smile at each other. Others in the pace group start to chime in, “You’ll forget all […]

My take on Mommy Wars

It’s sad that there is even a term popularly used for such bullshit. Working mom vs. stay at home mom, breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, home schooling vs. public schooling vs. private schooling vs. unschooling, cloth diapers vs. disposables, med free birth vs. epidural vs. c-section, I could go on and on. As has been said […]

Baby, you’re my Boo.

No.  That’s not what I whisper to my husband every time I lean in to kiss him.  I practically gag at any song on Top 4o that makes reference to someone being someone’s “Boo”.  That is, however, the “code line” that I must say if I am absolutely 100% positive and dying for an epidural. […]