2013 Inappropriate Elf Contest #InappropriateElf


Listen, elf. I know this job of yours is stressful this time of year. Parents are putting a lot of pressure on you to perform. They want you to MAKE MAGIC with cotton balls, sugar cubes, and dry erase markers! They want you to make the kids believe in you so much that they can […]

The 2012 Inappropriate Elf Winners!


It’s TIME! Time to announce the winners of the 2012 Inappropriate Elf contest! Before we get to the grand reveal, I want to give a big thanks to the judges who voted on the Top 11 Inappropriate Eves of 2012, which Jen and Anna from HaHas For HooHas helped me compile. The Judges Jamie and […]

Prepare For The Inappropriate Elves


They’re coming. They’re growing restless in their dark boxes. They’re whispering in your attic. They’re plotting their naughty adventures. They aren’t just here to watch your kids and threaten them into good behavior. They’re here… for the party. And they are ready to be inappropriate. Yes, friends. The 2nd Annual Inappropriate Elf contest is launching […]

#InappropriateElf In July


#InappropriateElf wanted to be sure you all have a safe and happy holiday. He’s enjoying his time off, and is taking advantage of the off-season by grilling, lounging in his private pool, working on his tan.. And doing wine-box stands to stay hydrated. He also wanted me to remind you that he’ll be back this […]