Easter Idea Roundup


We’re just about a week out from Easter, and the excitement is building around here. Peek-a-who sent me monogramed Jellycat bunnies for each kiddo’s basket… and I’m also throwing in personalized Tervis cups in each one. In our house, so far, mommy and daddy’s big Tervis cups are coveted and cool. And they only ever […]

Crappy Pictures


Just got back from our annual road trip to St. Louis to visit family. If you’re imagining me typing this from a sea of unpacked luggage, un-showered, while eating leftover Easter candy, I’d say you have a crystal ball into my reality right now. Please also note the beads of sweat forming on my forehead […]

Dye-Free Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs


I pretty much despise dying Easter eggs. It never goes well for me, especially now that my kids are old enough to insist on actually doing it themselves and not watch me do it for them. Related: I love crafting. I love my children. I hate crafting with my children. — Jill Krause (@babyrabies) March […]

Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffer Ideas


I’m prepping for a weekend of my kids on crack. And by crack, of course, I mean sugar. It’s really beyond my control. We’re going to be around a lot of family, and visiting homes that will have an abundance of candy, cookies and cakes out for the taking. What I can control, though, is […]