Crazy Easy Last Minute Flag Shirt


If you’re into that thing where you make cutesy matchy holiday shirts for your kids, this is for you. If you’re into crafts that take next to zero effort, and make you look like Pinterest Royalty, this is for you. If you’re into doing crafts WITH your kids, you’re my hero, and you can totally […]

StrollerTraffic Dallas- My New Gig


I have so much time these days. It’s getting really boring around here, what with all the laying around, eating bon-bons, growing a baby while watching the pool boy. So I thought I’d get another job. Just to keep things fresh, you know? Ha. Hahahahahaha. But really, I did take on a new job. And […]

2 is Tough When You’re Stuck In The Bluebonnets


2 is tough. You’re still just so dang adorable that your parents want lots and lots of pictures of you… But you want snacks… And you want a nap… And you hate these shoes… And you hate the grass touching you… It doesn’t help that your big brother is turning on the charm… Doesn’t he […]

DFW Family Expo 2012


My friends at Metroplex Baby are once again losing sleep and busting their rumps throughout February to bring North Texas the most comprehensive expo with families and soon-to-be families in mind- The DFW Family Expo. So, if you’re in the DFW area, and you are thinking you’d like to check out the latest and greatest […]