“The Best Halloween Ever” (And Costume Tutorials)


Well, we pulled it off! This Halloween was basically the best ever. And I’m not just saying that because my first ever large scale paper mache project did not wind up a ball of mushy, glue-covered newspaper. Or because this guy. Although, really, everything is even better with him to round out the craziness. Warning! […]

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes: LEGO & Ladybug


If you’re like a lot of parents out there, it’s the weekend before Halloween and you still don’t have a costume for your kid yet. I’m usually one of those people, but I had to bust them out late into the night a couple of days ago because the kids had their first costume festival […]

No-Sew Infant Parrot Costume Tutorial


My years are numbered. I won’t be able to dictate what Kendall is for Halloween much longer, and I won’t be able to coordinate him and Leyna in costumes for more than a year or two if I’m lucky. My top two choices this year were either a magician and his white rabbit or a […]

I must be getting old (Random Halloween Observations)


Not only was it Kendall’s first Halloween, but, in a sense, it was ours too.  It was our first Halloween in a house in a neighborhood with trick or treaters.  Since we moved in together nearly 6 years ago, we’ve lived in apartments and maybe had a combined total of 5 trick or treaters all […]