iPhone and Instagram Inspiration


I know a lot of you lament that you don’t have “fancy” cameras or that you don’t have time to learn how to use yours, and thus you feel you will never get “beautiful” pictures. I don’t believe that’s how it has to be, though! The key to getting beautiful pictures isn’t the camera that […]

Photographic Evidence That I’m Here Too


Over the weekend, the photography community lost a beautiful soul to ovarian cancer – Jen Burgess Thompson, mother to 2 young boys. I wish I could say I knew of this because I followed her journey, but I only learned of her after seeing many of my photographer friends sad Facebook updates and clicking through […]

Finding Peace Through My Lens


My soul needed the trip I took last weekend. It was a “work” trip (and I’ll blog more about the work side of things next month), but it was at an AMAZING place – Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara – with wonderful people, like Jenny and Heather.   And it was peaceful. So […]

Blogher12 Photo Vomit


I was going to write a post full of words and thoughts, pictures were to be careful interspersed. It was hard to put together, but I got 90% done. AND THEN I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IT. So, I’m taking that as the universe’s way of saying SHUT UP, JILL. YOU CAN NOT COMMUNICATE INTELLIGENTLY TODAY. Because […]