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Turn Ceramic Tiles Into Ornaments. In July. I know. I’m sorry.

FaLaLaLaLa! I’m a lunatic! It’s okay to hate me for posting about CHRISTMAS right now, but hear me out. Every. Single.View full post »


Enjoy The Simple Magic. Write An Excuse Note For Your Elf.

15 minutes ago, I was tucking Kendall into bed, except not actually “tucking.” More like tossing a lump of a blanketView full post »


Pinterest Win! These Candy Ornaments Actually Work

I pinned the idea for these peppermint ornaments a few months back, thinking they were so stupid simple that they had to be too good to beView full post »


DIY No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

You know what’s an odd thing I’ve craved since having children? A Christmas tree of my own that will only have matchingView full post »


We’re Not Going To Get It All Done, And That’s Cool {Contributor}

Stephanie Totty is contributing today, and I LOVE this message. It’s certainly a great reminder for me right now. There is noView full post »


My New Favorite Coffee Mug

In December, Kendall’s school offered a little store where he could buy gifts for family. I sent money with him, along with a list ofView full post »


The Random Acts Of Kindness Elf Challenge

“Mr. Hall has had a rough year, mom. That’s what Jake said. That’s why we need to be extra kind to him. He is going toView full post »


Trying To Fight Overdoing Christmas

I struggle a bit with this season, especially as the kids get older. I’m pulled between the urge (which I think is just engrained inView full post »


Back In Time Series: Christmas Songs Are Condescending

This was only just last Christmas, so some of you may remember it, but it’s one of those stories that gets much funnier with age. IView full post »


My Ghost Of Pregnant Christmas Past

Last Christmas I was massively pregnant, a day overdue, and a major bitch. If one more person asked me if I’d had that babyView full post »


Santa & Screaming Infants: Is There A More Festive Combo?

I think not. We waited for 2.5 hours for this guy tonight, and that was with a reservation. But totally worth it. This isView full post »


Christmas Songs Are Condescending

Alternatively titled: A Scene From My Life, A Holiday Comedy, Coming To A Theater Near You Yes we NEED a little Christmas! Right this veryView full post »


A Little Christmas List Help?

It’s really no secret that I’m not a huge fashionista. And since I’ve submerged myself in my bubble of maternity wear theView full post »


“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Really, the most obnoxious, sarcastic, mocking song, which always seemed to come on at perfectly timed moments this week, like whenView full post »


I’d like to report an abduction.

Santa Claus has stolen my baby!  In his place he left me with an honest to goodness little boy.  One that can pull up and take steps whileView full post »


Having a baby changes everything… even your Christmas list.

One of many failed attempts at a picture for the cards Christmas list 2 years ago when I was happily child free, fetusView full post »



Created by Seventeen Stone So I had to go to a certain giant retailer that I particularly despise the day afterView full post »