That Time My Breasts Met Joshua Radin


Sometimes I wish I could just magically transport my thoughts from my head to this blog in real time. No wordpress app and iPhone required. I always have funny stories I want to share with you all in a moment that’s completely inappropriate to blog through, like on an anniversary date with my husband. It […]

The Hard Rock Hotel, Boobs, And Awesome On The Internet


It’s not what you think. Adding those things up in my title, it comes out to a different equation than the one I’m going to break down for you, probably. This is not about video vamps, cleavage and rock & roll. This is about breastfeeding. The Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago launched a Nursing Mothers […]

Boobs! (The Last) Hurrah!


I went to Dillard’s to buy a new bra last week. Victoria’s Secret was closed for a remodel, and Dillard’s was the closest place I could think of that had a lingerie department.  I recall buying some of the bras in my early years from Dillard’s. Didn’t they carry Miracle Bras? I’m much more in […]

Welcome Back, Ladies


Leyna hasn’t nursed in over 3 days. That’s not the result of a conscious decision to wean her on my part. It just happened. That whole don’t offer, don’t refuse approach. She’s not asked for them. I actually didn’t realize it had been that long until last night when I finally figured out why my […]