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25 Year Old Me Was Dumb, Part 2

Did you read Part 1?  Dear pregnant me, I know you think you have this figured out. You did your research, read the websites, theView full post »


Oh Please, Get Over This Myth

Myth: Feeding your baby is for bonding and turning off life, looking into their eyes, and devoting all your attention to them whileView full post »


Successful Breastfeeding Can Include Formula

Lowell had formula. I say this not for praise or like it’s some kind of confession. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of.View full post »


Favorite Breastfeeding Products & Tips, Plus Video

I’m sharing some of my favorite breastfeeding products, tips, and advice.View full post »


Would You Rather?

A. Catch a stream of regurgitated breastmilk streaming down your cleavage, headed for your bra and shirt, with your iPhone, and then wipeView full post »


Ball Gown One Day, Clogged Breasts The Next

I spent my weekend in Atlanta at the Ritz in Buckhead. On Saturday, I visited the Dry Bar for a blowout and dressed in a long sequined gownView full post »


That Time My Breasts Met Joshua Radin

Sometimes I wish I could just magically transport my thoughts from my head to this blog in real time. No wordpress app and iPhone required.View full post »


The Hard Rock Hotel, Boobs, And Awesome On The Internet

It’s not what you think. Adding those things up in my title, it comes out to a different equation than the one I’m going toView full post »


Boobs! (The Last) Hurrah!

I went to Dillard’s to buy a new bra last week. Victoria’s Secret was closed for a remodel, and Dillard’s was the closestView full post »


Welcome Back, Ladies

Leyna hasn’t nursed in over 3 days. That’s not the result of a conscious decision to wean her on my part. It just happened.View full post »


The Miracle Milk Fund for Jamie, A Warrior Mother

Click Here to To Donate! For as much attention as mainstream media likes to give mothers and drama (or “mommy wars”) on theView full post »


(Breast)Milk On Ice

“Hey, the ice machine isn’t working anymore. I tried several times to unjam it, but I don’t think there are any chunks ofView full post »


A Warrior Mother Needs Our Help

Last night, around 3 a.m., Leyna woke. And it was one of those cries that let me know she was hungry or just plain annoyed andView full post »


Breastfeeding a Toddler- I’m A Little Over It

Freaking breastfeeding. Why’s it always got to be so stupid emotional? Before I had babies, I could. not. understand. what womenView full post »


My Top 10 Breastfeeding Tips

Image courtesy of Jessica Marchetti Photography My top 10 breastfeeding tips and tricks… things that worked forView full post »


Photographic Evidence of Why I Have Fat Babies

That’s 12 oz. of milk pumped in 12 hours I was away from my baby, straight from the fridge. People always ask meView full post »


Milkstars Nursing Top Review & Giveaway

As much as I love breastfeeding (I really do this time around), it’s a hard thing to do in the summer heat of Texas. And you knowView full post »


Special Delivery In Seattle- A Tale of Donated Breastmilk

It’s a good thing I’m not a modest person. My trip through security on my way to Seattle involved lots of hollering back andView full post »


Top 10 Newborn Essentials

Is a 2 month old a newborn still? What if she weighs 15 lbs already and sleeps in 6-9 month jammies? Regardless, 2 months into this wholeView full post »


The Rest of The Story, Take 2

I firmly believe one of the least discussed parts of the whole pregnancy, childbirth, becoming a mom experience is the part that followsView full post »


Sitting On The Breastfeeding Fence

While I was busy yesterday urging others to fight hate and injustice, two of my best blogosphere friends Gina (thefeministbreeder.com) andView full post »


Even the Miracle Bra can’t help me

A lot of blog posts come to me in the shower. This one was literally inspired by  the view looking down in the shower today. It is a sadView full post »


My take on Mommy Wars

It’s sad that there is even a term popularly used for such bullshit. Working mom vs. stay at home mom, breastfeeding vs. formulaView full post »


Breastfeeding- in like a lion, out like a lamb.

Truth be told, I hated breastfeeding with every fiber of my being for the first two months of Kendall’s life.  I dreaded it, criedView full post »


God bless you, Dr. Ferber

It worked!  Well, I guess I should say it’s working.  After speed reading some key chapters in Dr. Ferber’s book last week, weView full post »


The boy was born to eat

As if you couldn’t tell from pictures, he relishes meal time, and while his love for the boob still remains, he’s slowlyView full post »


Mom abuse

My kid beats me up. He bangs on my chest with his fists when he eats, he pinches me, scratches me, pulls my hair, my earrings, my nippleView full post »


Something Wicked This Way Comes

::cue slow, eerie music:: It was a dark stormy night… okay, more like a mildly breezy, little bit of rain, still pretty freaking hotView full post »


I’ve always loved him, but I’m really starting to like him.

Okay folks. I am so excited to announce that I think we’ve come to the other side! The side where having a baby is more fun thanView full post »


I guess I’m going to have to find a new Blockbuster

I keep meaning to blog this…. A few weeks ago I made my first trip to the local Blockbuster to return some DVDs we got from ourView full post »


Adventures in breastfeeding

It seems simple enough. Woman has boobs. Woman has baby. Woman’s boobs fill with milk for baby. Baby sucks milk out of boobs.View full post »



The fun just. doesn’t. stop.  I have MASTITIS!!  Because obviously I haven’t had a challenging enough postpartum recoveryView full post »


Oh Dear God! My eyes!

O….M….G…!! Do not, DO NOT stand in front of a three way mirror in your underwear when you are 34 weeks. Holy hell.View full post »


“I don’t have breasts!”

Since I’m up and rarely have the time or energy to blog, I thought I’d take a few precious minutes to blog a funny niece story.View full post »