Saying Goodbye to Being A Boy Mom

I’ve mentioned here before, and I’ve certainly stated to my friends and family (back before I found out we were having a girl) that I wouldn’t be shocked at all to end up with all boys. My husband comes from a huge family that seems to be overrun by testosterone. I knew what I was […]

Karma is Cracking Her Knuckles

And getting ready to BRING IT. All the drama, the boyfriends, the prom dresses, the makeup, the bad hair day meltdowns, the slammed doors, the (INSERT MORE DRAMATICS HERE)- it’s all coming for me. It’s. A. Girl! (Also, and most importantly, she looks 100% healthy!) The tech said she was really, very confident and I […]

So you’re going to be a Boy Mom…

I know that feeling, that excited but scared shitless feeling when the ultrasound tech tells you they see that extra bit of anatomy. “It’s a boy!” Your heart stops for a moment. “But what will I do with a BOY?” you think to yourself, never daring to utter the thought out loud because, well, you […]