Welcome Back, Ladies


Leyna hasn’t nursed in over 3 days. That’s not the result of a conscious decision to wean her on my part. It just happened. That whole don’t offer, don’t refuse approach. She’s not asked for them. I actually didn’t realize it had been that long until last night when I finally figured out why my […]

The second cutting of the umbilical cord

The past two weeks have been pretty big around here. ┬áIt seems once Kendall’s mind and body mastered the art of walking it freed up a hell of a lot of brain space to learn things like words and body parts, and he even started spitting back some of those freaking baby signs I’ve been […]

Hello old friend!

Okay. I’m sorry. I’m a slacker. I’m lazy. I’m overwhelmed. I’m tired. I’m bitchy. I’m cranky. I constantly think I have to pee only to discover that I really don’t have to pee even though I feel like I’m about to piss my pants. That last part mainly happens at night in the middle of […]

Over the shoulder boulder holder

Hear ye, hear ye! I would like to announce that my breasts have reached a whole new level of enormousness, and I am now rocking a 38 D bra!!! Holy guacamole! Let us all pray to the patron saint of boobies….who would that be….maybe Anna Nicole could get that title….that I do not grow any […]