#Blogher11 Swagapalooza Giveaway


It’s been 4 weeks since Blogher. I still haven’t unpacked. This comes as no surprise to my husband. It’s a running joke around here that I will leave a bag packed until it just naturally unpacks itself over time, or until he gets so annoyed with it that he does the job himself. I think […]

Notes for Blogher12


Notes For Blogher12 1. Friends are worth more than swag. I should spend more time with friends and less time with people trying to give me free stuff. People send free stuff to my door every week. Nobody ever puts any of these ladies in my mailbox. My heart hurts over how little time I […]

Best Blogher11 Memories


1. Wine from wine bottles, poured straight into mouths and plastic bottles and never wine glasses, with too many ladies to count, packed in a sun filled, love filled, laughter and hug filled room. What the room did not have was an easy to use corkscrew, so it took 50(?) of us to get it […]

6 Things I Learned from Blogher11 Sessions

I’ve reduced my Blogher experience to lists because that’s the only way I can process it right now, and to save you all from something like the 3 part series of epically boring proportions I wrote last year. This, again, is a 3 part series, BUT in list form, which helps… I hope? Note: These […]