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#Blogher11 Swagapalooza Giveaway

It’s been 4 weeks since Blogher. I still haven’t unpacked. This comes as no surprise to my husband.View full post »


Notes for Blogher12

Notes For Blogher12 1. Friends are worth more than swag. I should spend more time with friends and less time with people trying toView full post »


Best Blogher11 Memories

1. Wine from wine bottles, poured straight into mouths and plastic bottles and never wine glasses, with too many ladies to count, packed inView full post »


6 Things I Learned from Blogher11 Sessions

I’ve reduced my Blogher experience to lists because that’s the only way I can process it right now, and to save you all fromView full post »


How Not To Ask A Question At A Conference #Blogher11

I’m halfway home from Blogher, stuck in a frigid airport in El Paso. I attempted to curl up in a corner and pass out, but my teethView full post »


Blogher Away Message

Hello, I’m unable to come to my blog today because I’m busy doing one of the following: 1. “Packing” (stuffing andView full post »


BornFree Sends me to #Blogher11, A Giveaway, And GLITTER!

It’s that time of year again, when I get to abandon my children with my husband and escape to a place where other women (thousands ofView full post »


Some Notes For Next Year- my FINAL #blogher10 post

I promise. I just want to get some things down before I forget them next year, mainly for myself, but also for those of you thinking aboutView full post »