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The Post That Nobody Will Pin, But It Makes Me Happy

I keep making blogging harder than it should be. I miss the days I used to just… write. Long, HUGE paragraphs. I mean, I cringeView full post »


I Need A Little Feedback And You Could Win $50

I launched a reader survey the other night. I posted the link on my FB page and have already received a tremendous amount of feedback. IfView full post »


Open House- Welcome To My New Space

On the first day of this year, I decided I would make things happen in 2014. Leyna had her arm in a splint after breaking it the dayView full post »


A Study About Parent Bloggers, FYI

Annie from PhD In Parenting asked me to be a part of a study she just wrapped up, where she took a look at the numbers and traffic drivingView full post »


Notes for Blogher12

Notes For Blogher12 1. Friends are worth more than swag. I should spend more time with friends and less time with people trying to give meView full post »


Best Blogher11 Memories

1. Wine from wine bottles, poured straight into mouths and plastic bottles and never wine glasses, with too many ladies to count, packed inView full post »


6 Things I Learned from Blogher11 Sessions

I’ve reduced my Blogher experience to lists because that’s the only way I can process it right now, and to save you all fromView full post »


How Not To Ask A Question At A Conference #Blogher11

I’m halfway home from Blogher, stuck in a frigid airport in El Paso. I attempted to curl up in a corner and pass out, but my teethView full post »


What A Blogger Can Learn From Oprah

I wasn’t planning to blog about Oprah today. I’m sitting here watching her after, admittedly, not really tuning in regularlyView full post »