What A Mommy Blogger May Look Like


If you see a woman wearing and/or carrying this combination of stuff, she’s probably a mommy blogger. If you see her walking with other women wearing or carrying any of this stuff, the chances that she’s a mommy blogger go up about 25%. If you see all of them walking in herds through large hotels […]

Sooo… this just happened. @RascalFlatts


And then I died. And yes, that’s how a bunch of bloggers take in Rascal Flatts.┬áMy Blissdom ticket just paid for itself. I was so close, I swear to you, Gary Levox (lead singer) and I made eye contact, like, 20 times. I think we’re best friends now. He’d probably totally have a beer with […]

NASHVILLE!! #Blissdom


Photo bomb. 1. Me and a bestie from college. She happens to be pretty famous here. You can watch her on the Nashville morning news. She is also gorgeous. Obviously. 2. Nashville, downtown. 3. My assistant… who also happens to be incredibly hot and married to me. That’s all I got in me. I have […]

Dream Job: I Have One!


I remember being 25, in the midst of my quarter-life crisis, dreaming of the perfect job, doing what I love and getting paid for it. Only problem was I didn’t know what that job would be. I didn’t know what I really loved. You know, I was all quarter-lifey and conflicted and stuff. So I […]